Acrylic Color 22ml x 12 Color-FEA1222T

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Acrylic Color 22ml x 12 Color-FEA1222T

Acrylic paints by Art Rangers have been developed using the latest technology. Made of exceptionally pure, high-quality pigments. After drying, the paints become waterproof and the created coating retains its flexibility.

Art Rangers paints are characterized by fading resistance and excellent adhesion to the substrate. Moreover, the paints are highly opaque and can be mixed with each other as well as with other media intended for acrylic products.

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly product.

Type: Acrylic Paints
Painting Medium:Canvas, Glass, Paper
Model Number: FEA1222
Product Name: Non-toxic waterproof Acrylic Paint Set
Capacity:22ml * 12 colours
Suitable for:Artist Students Beginner

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