Bebitza - 100% Cotton Nursing Cover - Latte

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Bebitza’s 100% Cottom Nursing Cover is a lightweight and delicately soft nursing cover. Keeping fabric clean, and prevents odour by prohibiting any bacteria growth. Its quality is wash resistant, formaldehyde-free, non-toxic and suitable for all skin types.
 Beautifully designed for complete privacy, its versatile fitting drapes elegantly around the body with ease. Allowing mums of all sizes to fully conceal the chest, stomach and back areas comfortably in style. Bebitza’s nursing covers feature a patented secure fastener so eye contact with baby can be maintained during nursing even while adjusting the cover.
Natural & permanent antibacterial properties
Suitable for all skin types
Secure fastener
Covers chest, stomach & back areas
Allows for eye contact with baby while feeding
Allows for twin feeding

Use it also for:
Pram cover / Sun shade
Baby Comforter
Cardigan / Poncho

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