Scientific Calculator-D991ES

Sale priceDhs. 48.00


Specification- 171.9×83×17.5mm

Material- Plastic

Digits- Display as on Textbook

Power- Dual power

? Scientific constant? Solve function? Formula and Formula set? Sum (∑)t? Differential, Integration, Equation, Matrix, Vector calculation? Complex number calculations (CMPLX)? Metric conversions? Calculates in BIN,OCT,DEG,HEX? Converts BIN,OCT,DEG,HEX? Variables? statistics calculations? regression calculation? fractional arithmetic function? standard deviation calculation? coordinate transformation? data edit? check and correct function? continuous calculation? ANS function? memory function? four arithmetic operations? generate random number? auto power off? sliding protective cover? logarithmic functions, using base 10 or base e? factorial, permutation and combination calculation? degree, radian, and grad conversion? trigonometric functions/inverse trigonometric functions? 2-line display

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