Everyday Baby - Glass Heat Sensing Baby Bottle - 240ml pink

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"Everyday Baby Glass Baby Bottle Heat Sensing is ergonomically designed, making it easy and comfortable for small hands to hold it. The teat is ergonomically designed and made of soft medical silicone which makes it easier for the child to drink. Fantastic! Everyday Baby Glass Baby Bottle Heat Sensing is made of glass, and not just any glass, but high-quality borosilicate glass where the glass body is coated with a thin, integrated silicone layer that provides extra protection against shatter if you happen to drop it. The Everyday Baby Glass Baby Bottle Heat Sensing indicates if the liquid is too hot for the child to drink by changing colour. Smart, isn’t it? Everyday Baby’s goal is for your child’s best. Your child deserves the absolute best and therefore we place heavy emphasis on design, material choice and functionality. Everyday Baby Glass Baby Bottle Heat Sensing has all the characteristics a parent may wish for their child. -As an added security, we also allow authorized test institutes to test our products, everything to make the product as safe as possible!"

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