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"Everyday Baby Silicone Bib Time to Learn to Eat? The Everyday Baby Learn to Eat Silicone Bib is finally here! TWO-WAY FASTENED BELTS – stays on and doesn’t move Thanks to the two-way fastened belts the Everyday Baby Silicone Bib will stay on stably and properly even if the baby moves. ADJUSTABLE SIZE – fits babies from 4 months up to 4 years. The Everyday Baby Silicone Bib is designed to fit babies from 4 months and up to 4 years thanks to its adjustable belts. COMPACT FOLDING – fold it very small Designed to be folded so it doesn’t take any place in your diaper bag! FOOD POCKET – keeps the floor clean The Food Pocket collects the food that falls out from the babies spoon or mouth while eating. SIDE WALLS – keeps the food on the bib Designed with side walls that prevents the food to fall out of the Silicone Bib. GOOD MATERIAL! – Say YES to Silicone and NO to Plastics! Everyday Baby Silicone Bib is made of high quality Silicone material and contains No Plastics! The Everyday Baby Silicone Bib is BPA-free, BPF-free, BPS-free and free from Phtalates. Everyday Baby Silicone Bib is available in 3 beautiful colors, Sky-Blue, Rose Pink, and Quite Grey. Learn to Eat Silicone Bib from Everyday Baby is designed to create a great experience and make eating a pleasure! Description Everyday Baby Silicone Bib – Learn to Eat Silicone Bib Time to learn to eat? The Everyday Baby Silicone Bib will make it easy to learn to eat! Finding the right feeding products for your baby is not always easy. What is the bib made of? Is it plastic free? Questions that are important for the conscious parent! Issues that may feel hard to tackle as a parent are something that Everyday Baby´s product developers study down to the smallest detail to make life easier and safer for parents and children. Everyday baby has carefully thought through each and every detail on the way of creating the Learn to Eat Silicone Bib – everything to make it safe and easy for the babies and the parents! Everyday Baby's goal is for your child's best. Your child deserves the absolute best and therefore we place heavy emphasis on design, material choice and functionality. The Learn to Eat Silicone Bib has all the characteristics a parent may wish for their child. -As an added security, we also allow authorized test institutes to test our products, everything to make the product as safe as possible! Key Features for the Learn to Eat Silicone Bib

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