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Mom's Hug Gift Set is perfect gift for a newborn + baby. A combination of Lotion & Relaxing Oi, that surely will help baby to feel calm & relax after bath.

Gentle Lotion for Baby is a mild, refreshing colostrum lotion for daily moisturizing. It is Perfect for daily moisturizing as Colostrum delivers Healthy moisture to baby skin & keep it soft, which loses a lot of moisture by sweating.

It is refreshing even when it is reapplied. Pecrfect for constant, Daily moisturizing

Relaxing Oil for baby ia a smooth and light baby oil that prevents dryness after baby's bath, as it forms a nourishing and moisturizing layer with Colostrum.

Colostrum and highly absorbent sunflower seed oil form a smooth, nourishing and moisturizing layer and keep baby skin moist & soft.

Relaxing Oil Ensure s a sound & comfortableslepp for babies through safe & mild scent that excluded 25 allergy inducing frqgrance

Gift Set Contains :
1 x Gentle Lotion for Baby
1 x Relaxing Oil For Baby
1 x Eco travel pouch Jute Bag

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