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Set of twelve Gelly Roll Moonlight 06 Gel pens in nature and pastel colours. The range of colours makes it possible to combine different shades to create colourfull artworks. To collect the complete range of 15 Gelly Roll Moonlight 06 colours combine this set with the Urban set for 3 additional grey toned colours.

Product benefits

Sakura is the inventor of the original gel pen. The Sakura Gelly Roll contains special water-based pigment gel ink for intense & non-fading colours. A consistent ink flow creating bright coloured & fine lines perfect for detailed drawing, lettering, journaling and more. Store the Gelly Roll horizontally with the cap on.

The fine size makes the Gelly Roll perfectly suited for writing but also for different creative applications, such as detailed drawing, lettering, journaling. The small 06 ball size makes for 0.35 mm lines. All colours are bright on white paper and produce outstanding effects on quality black paper.

The special water-based pigment ink is water and chemical resistant and light-fast so the ink will not fade! A consistent flow of ink until the ink is completely used up.

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