Giotto Patplume Modelling Dough 10x20g Classic-512900

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Hang-tab cardboard pack containing 10 x 20 g blocks of Giotto patplume in classic colours. Inside there is also a practical bag for storing the product after used.

Play takes shape. Everyone agrees that Giotto Patplume transforms little ideas into great shapes, without drying out. Giotto Patplume is the latest-generation, soft, easy to knead modelling dough. Ideal for kindergartens and younger primary school children. Gluten-free, it can also be used in complete safety by coeliac sufferers. Ideal for making small objects, the modelling dough is available in a lot of bright colours that can be blended into infinite shades. It does not dry out when exposed to the air, is temperature-resistant and can be rinsed off the hands with just soap and water.

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