Love Radius - Little Baby Wrap Without a Knot - Charcoal Grey,Black

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Sling baby carrier interpreted with a new Love Radius fabric. Simple, fast and knotless, unisex, one size fits all.
Extreme softness, a touch and a new outfit.

Always ready!
- Ventilated and lightweight baby carrier:
Lightweight, made of a fresh, ventilated fabric, envoy carrying even in high temperature.

- Carry baby in a simple, fast and knotless way:
Without having to knot, the Little Wrap Without A Knot is always there to carry baby quickly and well.

- Adjust the carrier in a snap:
With the 2 rings, adjust the baby carrier to you and your baby in seconds.

- For everyone:
Unisex, one size (up to 110kg), to carry Baby on your left or your right.

- Scalable baby carrier:
This sling wrap allows several positions depending on the age of the baby, from the first weeks until walking. It's never too late.

Physiological seat of the baby
The seat for the baby's posterior is shaped (not flat) and allows a slightly curled seat of the lower back. This avoids the tying effect of the Baby against its wearer.
The pad (optional)
Fleece, protects Baby's head and fingers from contact with metal rings. Also protects the wearer.
100% reversible
Completely reversible and bicoloured. Hems and seams are one color on each side. Hidden label.
Soft and light viscose
New fabric designed by Love Radius, comfort and freedom of movement reinvented:
The light cushioning offered by the new fabric allows the wrap to fit the shapes of your shoulder, your back and your baby.
While having a real and secure hold, you and Baby can have your free movements including the carrying shoulder.

- Comfort through innovation:
The Oeko-Tex100 certified Love Radius, by JPMBB viscose offers an extreme softness, a touch and feel that are in the domain of baby carriers. You will be surprised to find the Love Radius sensation completely reinterpreted.
The high technicality of this material, developed and produced in Europe, offers a new way in comfort in asymmetric carrying.
*Viscose is created from natural or recycled material (wood cellulose), industrially transformed to make it comfortable. It is not a synthetic fiber, but "artificial".
The viscose used by Love Radius is made of beech cellulose from Central Europe and comes from Lenzing AG, an Austrian manufacturer of textile fiber since 1892.

- Useful for these daily "little moments" where Baby must be in your arms:
To accompany you during these moments when putting the baby in a stroller or in another baby carrier is too long, but where holding by arm is not suitable: to go down the stairs of your building, to go to the car, to leave the dog, take the train or the plane, go to the restaurant, to the friends, to the beach, breastfeed without being able to sit, ...

- When baby wants to observe while being carried:
Very suitable when Baby wants to look around him and no longer wants to be only facing the carrier. On the side the baby can turn his head to observe and also snuggle against the carrier to rest.

technical Details:
Oeko-tex 100 Fabric
From 0 to 36 months
From 3.5 kg to 14 kg
1.70m x 62cm
Dyes and treatments without heavy metals.
Non-toxic leather-like pad that meets the safety requirements of childcare products.
Guaranteed 2 years (excluding seams)
Machine wash 30°C, do not tumble dry.
Made in Europe.
more info on conformity and Love Radius quality.

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