Love Radius - The "JPMBB Original" Baby Wrap - Light Grey, Turquoise

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Key points

Pop baby in & out without untying the knot
One knot, various position
Carry in comfort: the reference in Babywraps
Unique material!

Pop Baby in & out without untying the knot
With the JPMBB wrap, do the knot once before installing baby inside the wrap.

You can place baby in various positions without untying the knot: front, hip, back regarding baby's age and needs.

Respects baby's physiology
No compromise is made on the support of the back and the safety of Baby thanks to the positioning and JPMBB exclusive weaving mode.

Innovative and unique knitting
Knitting is exclusive since 2008. JPMBB is not comparable to other "stretch" wraps (even copies!) and offers unique comfort and memorable babycarrying experience.

A specific small percentage of elasthanne is added to cotton in an unique and dense knitting pattern specifically developed for the carrying of babies.
When Baby grows, the wrap keeps its fit.

technical details
Oeko-tex 100 Fabrics
From 3,5 kg to 14 kg
4,90m x 70cm
Cotton 95% Elasthanne 5%
Heavy metal-free dye and treatments.
2 years warranty (except on seams).
Wash at 30°C, no dryer.
Made in Europe.

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