MATHS FOR 2ND PRIMARY - تعلم الرياضيات وانت تلعب

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Educational purposes:
• Promoting the children’s skills of math analysis and the methods of thinking since their early age.
• Promoting the children’s knowledge about math and its effects in our life.
• Getting benefit and fun at the same time.
• Allowing the parents to share fun with their children.
• Includes challenging activities and manual activities.
• Enhancing the self-confidence and promoting the children’s mathmatical skills.
• Encouraging the children to find out, explore, and solve problems.

– CD
– 20 cubes
– 33 beads
– BondEducational Items
– 20 spongy shapes
– Plastic turntable
– 3 samples of turntables
– 26 number cards
– 110 stars used as a reward
– A guide for parents
– Activity book
– Application book

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