Medela - PersonalFit Breast Shield XL (30mm) Pack of 2

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Medela shield range allows mothers to choose the Medela shields that are the right size for them, to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency when pumping. Designed for individual maximum comfort, personalised breastshield size for optimally comfortable pumping, maximum output and optimised breast-emptying. The right Medela shield size is important to avoid compression of any milk ducts during pumping. As a consequence the mother is given the best chance of protecting her milk volume, optimising breast emptying, preventing nipple trauma and pumping with comfort. This will help a mother to maintain her milk production and support her lactation. Using a too small or too large breastshield may lead to impaired milk removal because milk ducts could get blocked or milk ejection-inhibited. Over time, this can result in reduced daily milk output, which will decrease milk production, can impact your breastfeeding and can lead to early weaning. Friction around the nipple and/or areola can cause discomfort and trauma which may cause a mother to only pump infrequently. Medela nipple shields (nipple guard) can be used if you have sore or cracked nipples. Again, her milk production is jeopardised. Tissue breakdown due to nipple trauma carries the risk of infection and mastitis. Other available accessories for your breastfeeding journey are breastmilk collection shells, breast shells, nipple shells and collection shells. Also available are Medela bras and breast pump bra.

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