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Medela's Quick Clean Bottle Brush is made for much more than baby bottles - our brush can be used for cups, nipples, breast pump parts, and other components frequently used by new moms. Designed with soft, 180-degree, non-scratch bristles and a flexible head, Medela's bottle cleaning brush adapts to the unique shapes and contours of your baby's preferred bottle. This makes thorough washing efficient and convenient - given the brush's easy manipulability and reach - for maximized clean throughout each nook and cranny, without scratching your bottles or tearing the nipples. Wave-shaped bristles, a slim profile, and a non-slip handle minimizes the spray and splatter that often accompanies bottle scrubbing while providing easier access to narrow bottle openings and/or smaller parts. A multifunctional tip with knobs and spiral-shaped ridges on the other end of the bottle cleaning brush firmly removes stubborn residue and trapped milk from nipples and other bottle and pump components that can sometimes be tricky to clean. What's Included: (1) Quick Clean Bottle Brush Medela's baby bottle cleaning brush is accompanied by a convenient, space-saving stand that securely stores the brush upright when not in use for quick, hygienic drying. The innovative design of our bottle brush stand provides optimal ventilation through 4 rails while ensuring the nipple cleaner never touches the stand's bottom. Additionally, a built-in hook hole provides you with the option to instead hang your bottle cleaning brush if desired. Like all other Medela breast pump parts, bottles, and breastfeeding accessories that come into contact with breast milk, our bottle cleaning brush is made without BPA. As part of the larger Quick Clean family of products - which also includes our Quick Clean wipes, breast milk removal soap, and breast pump and accessory sanitizer spray - our bottle brush is essential for convenient, effective cleaning of your bottles, accessories, and breast pump parts.

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