Brush Washer Twin Compartment Plastic-MAXX0019

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The Mont Marte Twin Compartment Brush Washer is an invaluable accessory for artists and provides a quick and convenient way to clean and dry your brushes. It is a practical accessory for acrylic and watercolour painting. The Plastic Twin Compartment with Lid Brush Washer features 12 holes on the rim for holding brushes upright to dry. This includes 6 different sizes. The lid can also be used as a palette. One of the compartments has a ribbed section for thorough cleaning and the other one with slanted grooves for resting brushes in water while working.


  • A quick and convenient way to clean and dry your brushes
  • Plastic
  • Twin compartment with Lid
  • 12 holes for holding brushes
  • 6 different brush hole sizes



  • Mont Marte Professional Series Brushes
  • Mont Marte Studio Brushes

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