Nibbly Bits - Flat Bead Necklace Milton Moon

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Flat Bead Necklace is original full beaded necklace that literally took Nibbly Bits into households across the globe. The luxurious soft feel texture is as soft as your skin and this bold design makes a statement wherever you go. But the best part about Flat Bead Necklace is it is fully adjustable and can be shortened in length to suit y own style. Nibbly Bits silicone jewellery pieces are perfect for women everywhere. We have happy mamas who recommend products for nursing/feeding as their little ones wont keep their mits off (but it will save their hair and skin from being pulled) But you dont need a baby to enjoy products. Women across the globe love the easy pop apart clasps, no more fiddling with those pesky parrot clasps, the soft-feel texture is second to none, you have to feel it to believe it. Features : • 17 beads (each approximately 4cm x 3cm) • Adjustable cord length (up to approximately 42cm drop length) • Break-away clasp that separates when tugged or snagged • BPA free silicone To adjust : Simply pop open black break-away clasp, push the cord through the clasp end without the lip and undo y knot. You can then slide as many beads off as you like until you reach y desired length. Simply pop the clasp back onto the cord and knot to desired length and cut off any excess cord with a pair of scissors Snip and Fabulous.

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