Pebeo-Cerne Relief Outliner 20ml-Gold-773000

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Pebeo-Cerne Relief Outliner 20ml-Gold-773000

Pebeo Cernes Relief is a water based paste outliner used to create raised glossy outlines and embossed details; it's perfect for creating pools of vibrant Vitrail paint. Can be applied to many surfaces - glass, metal, wood, canvas and touch dry after 1 hour. great for mixed media work and with pebeo paints.

Quality:- Water-based paste in 20ml tube with nozzle.

Finish:- Brilliant.

Tools:- Brush, flat or fan.

Drying:- 1 hour to the touch, 24 hours to dry completely.

Cleaning:- After drying, the dimensional paint may be lightly washed without soaking. Resistant to window cleaners.

Cleaning the brushes:- With soapy water.

Consumption:- 15 m line for a 20 ml tube

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