Pebeo Artist Auxiliaries-Acrylic Mat Varnish 75ml-520400

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Pebeo Artist Auxiliaries-Acrylic Mat Varnish 75ml-520400

Pebeo Artist Acrylics Solvent Based Matt Varnish is a non-yellowing, very transparent, extremely matt, supple and responsive finishing varnish that makes acrylic colours opalescent and resonant. It is particularly recommended for protecting works exposed outdoors as it filters UV light. It holds well on the brush and adds a strong matt finish and durability to even poorer works. The varnish will protect the work and give a uniform finish. Shake well before use. Apply in one application and in one direction. It dries rapidly and must be applied to completely dried works (6 months-1 year). The thermoplastic film allows the possibility to restore.

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