Pebeo Deco Spray Paint Matt 100ml Black-093730

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Deco Spray




Water-based colors (except Chrome colors) in spray for most surfaces. Unique composition that combines very low-odor hydro soluble resins with very high-quality pigments. The solvents are replaced in deco Spray by a water-based mix (except Chrome colors)






15 minutes to the touch, completely dry in 12 hours. 






Heavy paper, stone paper, cardboard, papier mache, plastic, wood, metal, clay, plaster, ceramics, glass, stone, canvas, polystyrene (except Chrome colors), dry flowers



Caring (decorated objects): with a dry cloth. 






Directly from its packaging using the nozzle, spare nozzles sold separately that offer varied applications: thin - fat - flat - continuous line, changing the spray paint state to liquid paint. 



Cleaning the tools: with soap and water.



Packaging: 100 ml





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