Polymer Clay Das Smart 2pcs 57g Granite-321604

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DAS SMART is the new oven bake modelling clay by DAS in Granite colour in a special 57gr double pack. DAS SMART is DAS’ first PVC-based modelling clay that allows you to go from the art of sculpting and modelling to the creation of unique objects that can be resized whilst maintaining the original pattern unchanged. Ideal for making murrine for jewellery and small artefacts. DAS SMART bakes in the oven at 130 °C for up to 30 minutes, and objects can be baked more than once to add details in different stages. DAS SMART, designed and made in Italy and available in 45 bright and shiny colours: 33 basic colours that can be mixed together, 4 metallic colours, 4 glitter colours, and 4 special colours. Each colour comes in a special 57 g double pack.

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