Sakura-Koi Water Color Cake 96 Color With Brush Pen-XNCW96N

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Sakura-Koi Water Color Cake 96 Color With Brush Pen-XNCW96N

Koi Water Colors are fun and vivid water colour paints to illustrate, decorate and create art with! This studio set carries the complete assortment of 96 colours available, including 4 metallics, 8 fluorescent and 12 pearlescent shades. It also includes a removable mixing palette and a water brush.

The rich colour assortment offers the choice to create bold hues or soft and subtle shades with the addition of pearlescent, metallic and fluorescent water colours. The numerous colour options of the palette will save you time from having to blend custom colours. Keep this larger set close by in your studio for a quick splash of colour and to create deep washes for backgrounds. Or bring it along to add details to portraits and plein air landscapes in the outdoors. This studio set is also great for adding colour to comics, illustrations, and lettering projects.

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