The Educational Mushaf - المصحف المعلم

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  • الخصائص

    - للقارى محمد صديق المنشاوي

    - امكانية ترديد الطفل

    - امكانية رفع و خفض الصوت

    - يعمل بالبطاريات AAA

     المصحف المعلم للأطفال -


     خاصية ترديد الايات للأطفال - 


    • The Holy Quran teaching device for children (By Mohammad Al Minshawi)
    • Clear Recitation Audio
    • Repeat mode for easier learning experience
    • Volume Controls

    This is the best gift for children, it creates an easy and fun learning experience for kids. The controls on this E-Book are made specifically for the use of children. Get it today for your kids to help them familiarize with the Holy Quran and help them memorize it easier. 


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